The Debate Ends: GM Foods Unsafe

Melissa Gordon | October 20 2004

New research findings were announced at the Biosafety Protocol Meeting this March that make it clear that Genetically Modified crops are seriously unsafe. Dr. Terje Traavik of Norway announced some of his research findings now rather than in his upcoming book because it was so alarming.

Dr. Traavik said:

1) Farmers in the Philippines living around farms where GM BT corn was planted have come down with a mysterious illness related to the toxin in the BT Corn pollen.

2) Tests on rats show the Cauliflower Mosaic Virus Promoter (CaMV35S), which is used in GM crops to switch on the inserted genes, was found intact in the cell tissues of the rats!

3) Previously thought impossible, what this means is that the virus used to infect and change the genetic structure of plants is infecting LIVING mammals. This virus is capable of infecting humans and randomly permanently altering their DNA, which usually results in serious illness or death.

The meeting showed the US to be lax in enforcement of GM safety measures. Hopefully Dr. Traaviks research will make officials think a little more and pass better bio-safety legislation.

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