Europe Gets Better McDonalds

Melissa Gordon | October 20 2004

Have you ever wondered why Europeans look so thin and are statistically so much healthier than Americans? This is just another reason why.

McDonalds is rearranging its advertising campaign as well as its menu to appease Europeans who are sick of getting sick and fat eating fast food. The ads will be more serious and specifically showcase their eight new healthy menu items that will be added in to European restaurants but not those in the US. Many of the new items are salads, with extra toppings; however they will be larger, better tasting and specifically advertised as a whole meal entree.

One of the reasons this is happening in Europe and not in the US is more consumer group pressure. They have succeeded in getting fast food commercials banned during children’s shows and Sweden has completely banned any ads targeted at a young audience. Hopefully the United States will follow suit someday.

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McDonald's gets healthy for Europe
Eric Pfanner IHT Monday, March 8, 2004

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